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Informed by decades of institutional investing and operating experience, we are not just investors, we are business builders, and we provide value-add strategic support, operational guidance, and flexible capital to all of our portfolio companies.

Gotham Green Partners

Our team leverages our intellectual capital, operating backgrounds, and deep network to invest in companies throughout various cannabis subsectors and verticals. Our investment team has decades of experience in senior investing roles with a unique mix of strategy-specific expertise at top institutional firms. Cannabis is growing rapidly, and our team and experience allow us to be the partner of choice for operators throughout the space.

We provide flexible capital solutions depending on the specific needs of operators, and invest across growth equity, venture capital, structured credit, special situations, and debt-equity structures.

Our Philosophy

Cannabis is potentially in the early stages of becoming a globally disruptive industry that may span a wide range of applications across medical, nutraceutical, and consumer products. We believe that long-term success in the space requires the ability to simultaneously navigate short-term obstacles and opportunities while maintaining a forward-looking perspective focused on operational efficiency and sustainable value creation.

Flexible Capital

We invest opportunistically in companies of various growth stages, employing diverse investment structures in companies operating throughout the cannabis ecosystem. Supported by our team’s extensive institutional capital allocation background, we assess each deal individually and structure our investments to maximize value for all stakeholders.

We leverage differentiated sourcing channels through our industry network, portfolio companies, and portfolio partners to maintain a robust deal flow which includes proprietary and off-market transactions to support our approach.

Operating Expertise

Strategic partnership is core to our approach, and we are actively involved in our portfolio companies from the moment we invest. Our involvement takes shape across a broad range of touchpoints ranging from weekly operational guidance to long-term planning and capital markets strategy.

Our industry specific focus and experience provides us with unique perspective, which we leverage to equip our portfolio companies with a holistic view of the cannabis playing field. The Gotham team is obsessively focused on all aspects of the industry, and we serve as hands-on partners across the portfolio.

Performance Driven

Our investments are designed to maximize upside returns with minimized downside risk through a
variety of capital strategies. We target thoughtful management teams focused on building long-term value, we are deeply attentive to operational metrics and leverage our team and network’s expertise to ensure best-in-class execution, and we pursue proprietary structures which achieve debt-like protection of invested capital with equity-like upside.