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We partner with best-in-class management teams and are committed to helping our portfolio companies scale their businesses.

Companies shown above reflect a sample of investments made by Gotham Green entities.


Founded in 2014 by 16-year NBA veteran Al Harrington, Viola is a multi-state operator and leading cannabis brand, with operations spanning Colorado, Michigan, Oregon, California, Oklahoma and Oregon.

Lord Jones

Lord Jones is a Los Angeles, California-based luxury cannabis brand that sells CBD products in the U.S. and internationally through the direct-to-consumer channel and retail outlets such as Sephora. Lord Jones has distinguished itself as a thought leader in the space with features in the NYTimes, Forbes, Vogue, GQ, the New Yorker, and Rolling Stone, among others. In August 2019, Lord Jones was acquired by the Cronos Group, Inc.


Herbl is a California-based distributor of cannabis products. Founded by former executives of UNFI (one of the largest natural food distributors in the U.S.) and Gap, the company has become one of the largest cannabis supply chain companies in California.


Jane Technologies is a Santa Cruz, CA-based retail software company focused on facilitating e-commerce in the cannabis industry. The company additionally offers point-of-sale and inventory management software to cannabis retailers as well as white label e-commerce solutions to dispensaries and cannabis brands. Jane is additionally building out a data platform to track retail sales cannabis sales across the U.S.

Pebble Labs

Pebble Labs is a Los Alamos, NM-based platform biotechnology company developing solutions to safely and sustainably increase natural crop yields and food security.


Old Pal is a Venice, CA-based brand with a mission to provide affordable, quality cannabis products to the value driven consumer. Old Pal products are currently sold in CA, OR, and NV.


Based in Colorado and California, Foria is a branded products company focused on female health and sexual wellness. The company sells hemp-derived products nationally through its DTC channels and retail partners and additionally sells THC-infused products in the regulated cannabis markets of California and Colorado. The company was a first mover in the cannabis intimacy space and incorporates a variety of organically sourced medicinal plants in its products.


iAnthus (ticker: ITHUF) is a New York, NY-based vertically integrated multi-state operator. The company has active operations in AZ, FL, NY, MA, NV, and MD (among other states) and distributes CBD products nationally through the CBD For Life brand.


MedMen (ticker: MMNFF) is a Los Angeles, CA-based vertically integrated multi-state operator focused on branded retail. The company currently operates in CA, FL, IL, NV, AZ, and NY, with marquee stores in locations such as Venice Beach’s Abbot Kinney, Beverly Hills, and 5th Avenue in Manhattan.

Grow Generation

GrowGeneration (ticker: GRWG) is a Denver, CO-based operator of specialty hydroponic/gardening stores and distributor of nutrients, growing media, and advanced indoor lighting, benching, and ventilation systems. As of October 2020, the company operated 29 stores across 11 states as well as an online e-commerce store. The company is actively pursuing growth through both new store openings and acquisitions.

Common Citizen

Common Citizen is a vertically integrated Michigan-based operator with cultivation and dispensary operations across the state.


4Front Ventures (ticker: FFNTF) is a vertically integrated multistate operator with active cultivation and manufacturing operations in Washington and Massachusetts, retail in Illinois, Massachusetts and Michigan, national distribution of CBD products through the Pure Ratios brand, and additional licensed assets in California.


Level is a San Francisco-based manufacturer of branded cannabis swallowable tablets and dissolvable sublingual products. Level’s suite of products contains innovative blends of minor cannabinoids such as CBG, THCV, and Delta-8 THC as well as indica, sativa, and hybrid THC-based options.

Flow Kana

Located in California’s Emerald Triangle region, Flow Kana provides a centralized location for independent cannabis farmers to test, trim, process, package, manufacture and distribute farm products cost effectively and at scale. Flow Kana distributes its own branded products, as well as white label and co-packed products, to hundreds of dispensaries across the state of California.


Airgraft is a vaporization technology company focused on creating next-generation devices with an overarching emphasis on the consumer experience, supply chain transparancy, and reliability as the preeminent clean vape device of choice.

Amuse is a recently launched cannabis e-commerce and delivery platform focused on the California market. Amuse currently serves the Los Angeles and San Francisco metro areas and is in the process of expanding throughout the state.