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Jason Adler


Jason Adler founded Gotham Green Partners in 2017 and currently serves as the firm’s Managing Member. Jason leads all investment-related efforts for the firm, including investment strategy, supply chain focus, and strategic guidance for all of Gotham Green’s portfolio companies.

An early leader in the global cannabis industry, Jason’s interest in the space was catalyzed by his recognition of the considerable medical potential of the plant and subsequent research into the Canadian medical cannabis market. Perceiving the significance of pending regulatory change in Canada, he led controlling investments into a Canadian licensed producer, resulting in what is today the Cronos Group, Inc., a NASDAQ listed, global cannabinoid company. In March 2019, Altria Group, Inc. closed a $1.8 billion investment in Cronos, with an accompanying $1.0 billion warrant, concurrently stating that Cronos would be Altria’s exclusive partner in the global cannabinoid space.

Prior to founding Gotham Green, Jason was the co-founder and CEO of Alphabet Partners, LP, a New York City based multi-strategy investment management firm, focused on identifying mispriced assets across various industries, asset classes and geographies. Jason also founded Geronimo, LLC, a broker dealer and member of the American Stock Exchange, that made markets in equity options, and he began his career as a Market Maker at G&D Trading.